CPB Spotlight: Heritage Printing & Graphics

Q&A with Joe Gass


My dad started Gass Printing Services in 1977 in our garage just to teach his boys the value of hard work and give us something to do.


In 1988, we renamed the business Heritage Printing & Graphics. We implemented a 5 year business plan centered around innovation and growth.


After 9/11 our business faced incredibly bad times. We were being crushed as a business. There were a lot of days where I thought we wouldn’t make it. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone, but I would not change it either. I grew so much as a person through the hardships.


The challenges taught me how important the business is to me as the owner. But, I also learned that the business is not me. The business is not my identity. It may be my livelihood, but it is not my life.


The success or failure of a business does not define the worth or value of the business owner. Sometimes we have to experience failure for us to grow. To me that is success. That’s how I know that no matter what happens in business good or bad, there will be a tomorrow.