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The effective governance of your company is perhaps one of the most critical components of your success. Indeed, proper governance sets the managerial tone for the entire organization. In a corporation, governance isn’t left up to chance. Policy and procedure is the law of the land. But privately held businesses may not have the right policies and procedures in place until it is too late, or until an incident demands their immediate review. Company leaders may avoid putting policy and procedure into place because they wish to maintain the flexibility that’s often their market advantage.
By attending Center programs focused on Governance, you’ll learn how to implement best practices and get the best of both worlds- maintaining the flexibility of your privately held company and implementing the right policies and procedures to keep your company moving forward.


In the dictionary, leadership is defined as “the action of leading a group of people or an organization.” In practice, it’s much more complicated than that. We’ve all seen examples of great leaders in action, but exactly how are great leaders created? What is it that they do that others don’t? And, as a leader or future leader in your company, how can you fine tune your strengths so that you get the most desirable results from your employees, boards, and even family members?
Center programs that are focused on leadership will help you, and other leaders in your company, hone your skills so that you can lead your company with effectiveness and confidence.

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Succession Planning

You’re running your company, and enjoying the ride. Things are going so well, why not just plan to work the rest of your days? It’s likely that the generation before you did just that,  but what about when you’re really ready to retire? Will you have the right plan in place to ensure a smooth transition in leadership? Are your next generation leaders ready for more responsibility? Are the legal and financial plans in place to ensure that the company remains strong? There is a lot to consider when planning for the future, don’t leave it up to chance.

Begin thinking about and working on your succession plan today, regardless of your age, by attending Center programs that are focused on succession planning.

Strategic Planning

How many times have we heard “failing to plan is planning to fail?” For so many companies, a strategic plan exercise happens once a year and then lives in a folder until we pull it out next year, hoping that we can check a few of those boxes from the year before.

Center programs that are focused on Strategic Planning encourage attendees to become strategic thinkers, and to constantly engage in a process which serves to drive the organization not simply forward, but forward in a purposeful direction.

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Family Harmony

A lot of things can go wrong when your parents sign your paycheck. Working with family members is not always easy, but it also has the potential to be incredibly rewarding, and can create a wonderful legacy for future generations. After all, 64% of US GDP comes from family owned businesses, which speaks to how critically important family companies are to our country’s economy.

Center programs that are focused on Family Harmony help you and other family members work together in a way that is enjoyable, healthy, and that also maximizes your company’s bottom line.


Peter Drucker, whose writings are arguably amongst the most influential in the modern business corporation, once said “culture eats strategy for breakfast.”  We all know culture is important, but it’s also awfully hard to define, and even harder to thoughtfully cultivate and grow. Sometimes we inherit a company culture from Mom or Dad, Grandma or Grandpa. Sometimes we’re so busy working on what needs to get done that we forget to work on the environment around us and our employees. Have you taken the time lately to assess your company culture? Are you constantly monitoring, improving, and nurturing your environment so that it becomes the kind of workplace culture you want to pass along to future leaders?

Join for Center programs that are focused on culture and leave with tangible, actionable tools to improve and maintain a positive workplace environment.

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