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You can securely and quickly pay your dues online using a credit card.

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Core members are privately held companies who want to take full advantage of everything the Center has to offer, including full access for their employees to attend all of our programming at no additional cost. Core members are also welcome to join a Business Leader Forum, with each participant paying a one-time orientation fee of $1,000. Forums are created by an on-demand basis and will not contain more than one member of a company per group.

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Affiliate Members have an active interest in the challenges and needs of family-owned and privately-held businesses (our Core Members), but pledge they will not solicit or promote their business to our members so that we may maintain a sales-free environment. Affiliate members are included to our main events at no additional charge, though not all of our events are not open to affiliate members.

Affiliate members are included in our membership directory, and are eligible to join a Business Leader Forum comprised of other affiliate members.

As a reminder, companies joining as members of the Center receive access to all of our programs at no additional cost. A membership includes all employees in your company, and we ask that you please provide us with the names of individuals in your company with whom you would like for us to communicate about our programs on your membership application.

If you have any questions, please contact Kate Reece in Winston-Salem at

Membership Dues

Core Members: $1,000.00/year

Affiliate Members: $1,000.00/year

Business Leader Forum Orientation Fee : $1,000.00 (one-time fee)

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