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Thank you for your interest in joining a Business Leader Forum. By completing this form, you are not committing to joining a group, but instead expressing your interest so that we may have a further conversation with you about placing you in a group that would be right for you. Please fill out the following information.

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    An important part of developing our forums, and making them work for all our participants, is to understand the level of responsibility and the business of each potential member. To accomplish that, please fill out the following:
  • Please provide a resume and profile on yourself including details on your current area(s) of responsibility and the size of your area(s) of responsibility measured by revenue, head count, etc.
  • Please provide a company profile to include company goals, issues, geography, etc. Both what you are now and what you aspire to be.
  • Other Information

  • Forums are typically comprised of business leaders across North Carolina which involves travel to meetings in the Triad, Charlotte or Triangle metropolitan areas in addition to other forum member business locations. Please share any travel limitations you wish to be considered.
  • Additional information about your personal or professional life that you would like to share to help us place you in an appropriate forum.
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    Thank you again for your interest in our Business Leader Forum offering and for your effort to help us maximize the impact of this offering for you.