Business Leader Forums

Forum is insight, counsel, warmth, support, challenge and joy. Commitment, Confidentiality and Process are all of paramount importance for a Forum’s success. My forum mates know more about me, and I them, than any other people in the world, in the areas of work, family, outside interests and personal. We’ve been together 20 years, and have helped each other through every issue imaginable.  I would not be the person I am today without my Forum. -Randall Tuttle

Coming from a background where confidentiality was paramount, a forum is the safest place on earth to share and have total trust. My 20+ years in forum have been the single most valuable tool for me and my personal and professional development.  -Richard Brenner

Program Overview 

The Wake Forest University Center for Private Business is committed to helping address the issues and needs faced by privately owned business leaders.  A primary tool to achieve this goal is the Business Leader Forum.  These Forums provide leaders with the opportunity to connect, learn, and grow personally and professionally.  Forums typically include a diverse mix of 8-10 leaders who face similar types of challenges, but who are likely to have differing perspectives based on their life experience.

Factors considered in determining membership in a Business Leader Forum include scope of responsibility, size of organization, geographic proximity, and diversity.  Each Forum typically meets monthly for four to five hours at a location determined by the Forum, and holds an annual overnight retreat.

Once the members of a potential Forum have been identified, a full day Orientation Session and Forum Launch is scheduled with an experienced Forum resource who will guide the group in developing a common vision, shared expectations, meeting format, and meeting schedule going forward.  Forum leadership will also be determined at this time.  Business Leader Forums are self-managed by peer-selected moderators who follow a proven Forum communications and meeting protocol, with ongoing support from the Wake Forest Center for Private Business.

Membership Costs

Each member pays an annual fee of $1,200 plus a one-time initiation/orientation fee of $750 to the Center.  This fee covers the cost of the Forum Orientation and Launch, an Executive Forum Resource for the first Retreat, program materials, and ongoing support.  Members also agree to share food and other meeting and retreat costs.

Forum initiation and annual membership fees are often covered by employers as a professional development, continuing education, or training expense.

For more information contact The Center for Private Business at (336) 758-6125.